MWF ISO BRF…Day 8 and 9

Do people even use those abbreviations anymore? That was how things were shortened back in the day….you know, in the time of non-creepy craigslist, ads in newspapers looking for love, etc.

Of course, mine above is not looking for love, but I am looking for something.

Married White Female In Search Of Best Running Friend.

Anyone who has ever listened to or read Another Mother Runner podcast or books will be familiar with the term Best Running Friend.  And during my run yesterday morning, I realized how much I miss having a running buddy.  Though the pup enjoys the runs, he is not much of a conversationalist.

When I started running about 10 years ago, I started with a sweet friend. We went for daily walk/runs together, both of us slow as molasses to start. For months, we met at 6 a.m. and hoofed it together. And not only did our legs and lungs grow stronger, so did our friendship. It is amazing the things that we eventually talked about. In Kentucky, I found another friend to run with, and the same thing happened. Deep, intimate conversations over the cadence of our footsteps and a deepening friendship.

I need that again. I need to find someone to hold me accountable to getting out of bed and getting moving in the morning. I need someone to push me to get faster, and walk less. I need myself a BRF.

As far as the Whole30 goes, it has been a rough few days. Lots of eggs, burgers, and chicken sausages, along with sides of veggies. I’ve managed to stay on track, but its been hard. When I get busy, I am more tempted to eat the quick, crappy stuff that I shouldn’t eat.  And with a dentist appointment Thursday, the only things I wanted was soft, overprocessed food after that. *sigh*

If only I had someone who would cook for me for a change….


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