Whole30–Days 10 to 14

So much for the daily blogging, eh?

It is amazing how quickly the day slips away from me, and how unmotivated I am in the evening hours, even to type up a quick summary of the day. Especially over the past few days. Especially when I have to admit my failings…

You see, it was baking day Friday. I had prep to do for my Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning, and Friday was a long day. It was also day 10 of the Whole30…and it was a hard day. Surrounding myself with cookies, and brownies, and muffins, and breads…the temptations were great.

As someone who sells their baked goods to the public, I have to taste test the goods. The first few varieties, I tasted a nibble, spit it out, then threw the rest of the treat away (or gave it to one of the kiddos). But once, I was halfway through eating the cookie before I even realized what I was doing.


In the no-cheating world of Whole30, this technically ruined my 30 days. I should actually start again at day 1, because I have screwed it up.

But because I suck at following rules, we are just going to say…oops! We’ll try to NOT do that again.

It is amazing to me how mindlessly I went to eating that sweet without even a second thought.

And I have been battling craving sugar like mad ever since.

Yeah, that sugar dragon is a beast to overcome. One screw-up, and I am back in the mess of wanting something sweet all the time.  It is my downfall. I open the cupboard doors, hoping for some kind of sugary snack to jump out at me, something that would be still compliant with the program, but would kill the craving. Nothing jumps out (obviously) so I close the cupboard and go back to what I was doing. And 10 minutes later, I’m standing in front of the same cupboard, looking again for that something sweet, disappointed again when nothing magically appears. This repeats itself numerous times during the day, but even more so in the evening hours, when the desire to snack grows.

Other than the cookie issue, I’ve stayed on program. It has been a lot of quick meals over the past few days. The kids have had pizza, because I’ve been too busy to do a lot of cooking, and it has been hard to resist that. Eggs have been my friend, as has chicken sausages. We did grill some steaks and chicken breasts a few nights ago, and we made extras so we could enjoy the leftovers. It was taco salad for the hubs and I tonight, which is always a yummy dinner. I make my own taco seasoning, and have for a while now, long before Whole30. I was finding most seasonings had msg in them, and that would often trigger headaches for me.

I have no photos to share today. I could share some bakery pictures, but that would seem like torture, wouldn’t it?

oh, what the heck. Here are some happy sugar cookies I made last week:

sugar cookies are not whole30 approved! but, dang, aren’t they cute?

Tomorrow is the 15th. Halfway through this madness.

(Oh, and the hubs is down at least 10 lbs. in these first two weeks. Me…don’t ask.  Grrr…..)




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