Day 7. 23 more to go.

Is it bad I’m counting down already?

Is it weird I dreamt of cheesecake last night?

Yeah, it is weird, though pretty normal, from all that I’ve read from others that have done this program.  Craving cheesecake when you wake up in the morning is not the best way to start the day, though. Sugar is my downfall, and the temptations abound in my house. (The cons of baking as a secondary income…)

It was scrambled eggs for breakfast. Plain, no salsa, no guac. Just 4 eggs, scrambled up. I’m really surprised I don’t hate eggs by this point. They are my fallback meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are quick, I always have them on hand, and they can be jazzed up with so many of the leftovers, both veggies and meats. We eat a ton of them. Scrambled, fried, as egg bakes. Over easy. About the only way we don’t eat them is hard-boiled. I hate the smell that hard-boiled eggs have as they are cooking so the only time I make them is for Easter, just so the kids can dye them. Sad, isn’t it?

Lunch was leftovers. Thank goodness for leftovers.

Supper came late. It was National Night Out, so we took the kiddos down the road to have hot dogs, popcorn and root beer. I drank water. We visited with a few folks for awhile, the kids played games and won too many prizes, and we wandered back home about 6:30.

And I regretted not prepping earlier in the day/week for the meal.

We had Paleo Shepherd’s Pie. It was a new recipe and it was yummy! I will make a few tweaks to it the next time I bake it (needed more seasoning), and I will definitely start the prep work long before mealtime. There were a lot of steps to this recipe, and it took about 90 minutes from start to finish to get it all done.

So many veggies to peel and chop!   Potatoes, carrots, onions, brussel sprouts…

I can say this is the first time I have ever made anything with brussel sprouts. It is good to experiment, and I liked the taste, at least in a mixed dish like this. I have about half the bag left, so I will probably try to roast the rest in the oven as a side dish in the next few days.


I will admit, I didn’t follow the recipe exactly. I had more ground beef on hand, so I made about 2 1/2 lbs of that. And I added more tomato paste and stock than it called for, because it seemed dry.  The mashed potato topping, made with coconut milk and ghee, was amazing! That might be a side dish to have just on it’s own. I was worried there would be a coconut taste to it, but I couldn’t discern it.

So, lesson learned, look at a recipe BEFORE you are ready to make it, and plan your time correctly. Or prep your veggies ahead of time, if you can.  Or find someone else to do it for you.  =)



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