Days 5 and 6…exhaustion

Day 5 was Sunday.

Sundays are always busy, somewhat chaotic, days. Such is life in ministry.

Sundays are not our Sabbath day. They are usually too full of work things that need to happen, meetings, or visits, so that is not a rest day for us. We try (and often fail) to make Saturdays our family Sabbath day, and try to do something fun. Although, in this season when I’m doing farmers markets on Saturday mornings, we really only get a half day of rest. It really has been a struggle to balance “part-time” ministry, the bakery gig as part-time, and then get in all the other parts of life that need to happen…and have a Sabbath day. It is something we struggle with, but we understand that we need to make Sabbath rest as much of a priority as the work that we do. Our entire family– and our congregations— will be the better for it, if we do.

Sunday consisted of a cup 3 cups of coffee for breakfast. I need my morning jolt of caffeine, but try to avoid eating before worship in the mornings. We’ll call it “fasting”…but really, it is just to avoid bad timing for bathroom visits.

I got home a little after noon, and was HuNgrY.  Happily, there were plenty of leftovers in the fridge and it only took a few moments to get them heated up and stuck in my belly. I was glad for the leftovers, otherwise it would have been a challenge to stay on track. I am lazy some days, and when I’m hungry, I want to go for the easy, not the healthy.  Hence, a lot of gas station pizza happens in our home.

The children are delighted by this. My waist-line is not.

And I know I’m not alone in this. Quick and easy is the downfall of many people in the quest of healthy eating. And “quick and easy” and Whole30 don’t usually go together. Planning and prep-work help….as does making enough to have leftovers.

So, leftovers were for lunch, then a quick nap…because, well….Sunday.

After naptime, I headed to the store to pick up more supplies for the week. I made the mistake choice to bring our youngest grocery shopping with me. My list was about 30 items, pretty short compared to most weeks. 2 stores to visit. Aldi’s and Walmart. Mainly fresh veggies and fruit and meat to get.

4 hours later….

Back home after the adventure of grocery shopping with a 6 year old, I made dinner. We had steak fajitas over a bed of greens and a side of sweet potato sticks. (Okay, the sweet potatoes were supposed to be like french fries—because you can’t take away all my vices—but some were crispy, some weren’t. Some were mushy and some were burnt. But all of them still tasted dang good anyway. Just need to tweak that recipe a bit when I try it again.)

The fajitas were a new recipe and dang, they were good! The hubs and I gobbled it right up. And because I don’t know what I’m doing when I buy steak, I got lucky and bought a good cut. It melted in your mouth. So. Dang. Good. You can find the recipe here.


Day 6…Monday.  Do I need to say more than that?

According to the Whole30 timeline, days 6 and 7 are the ones where you feel exhausted. Drained. Wiped out.

Mine started on day 5, but yesterday wasn’t any better. I felt like I could have napped all day.

But I didn’t. The hubs and I had some quick scrambled eggs for breakfast, then headed, with children in tow, to the larger city about 30 minutes away. He had a meeting, I needed to go to Sam’s Club. He dropped the kiddos and I off at Sams. He then returned….3 hours later.

Now, I don’t have a problem spending an hour, even close to two, in Sam’s Club. Much like Walmart or Kohl’s, time is different within these stores. It passes quickly, differently, than in the outside world. We can wander around aimlessly, touching everything, thinking about how fun it would be to have that playground set, or the giant floating peacock that seats 10.

But 3 hours was too much.

And it was lunchtime.

I fed the kiddos at the cafe, and ate the Larabar I had in my purse. It would tide me over for a few more hours, because we had a few more spots to shop at before heading home.

We got home around 3, and I ate a couple of leftover chicken strips.

We then grilled chicken sausages for dinner, along with a large salad and riced cauliflower.  Walmart has a brand that has no sugar or other junk added, and they are the most inexpensive of chicken sausages I have found.


I usually try to have a package or two of these on hand at all times during a round of Whole30. They help with making a quick meal when I am feeling lazy or am short on time.

Sorry this got long. I guess that is what happens when I skip a day of writing!



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