Day 3…the Hangover

Whole30 has a great timeline on their site, describing different phases of the month. The first round I did, it was spot on. Perfectly nailed each day and stage and emotion. Day one, no big deal. Day 2 and 3 are “hangover” days, as your body begins the process of detoxing.  You know, those sugar withdrawals are a real thing. My favorite days are 4 and 5, which they title “Kill all the things.”  And, yeah, I totally went through that in round one!

Today, I am battling a bit of a headache. Not bad enough for medication, but scratching at the edges of my brain, just threatening to blow up. I’m not sure if it is food related or hormonal or just the fact that I’ve been working in front of the computer all day. Over the past few months, I’ve had to battle more headaches than usual, and I’m wondering if there is something out of whack with my body.   *sigh*

Because I’ve been working, I haven’t gotten any real exercise today. I was doing bakery work until 1 a.m., so I didn’t get out of bed early enough to run this morning, and it was too dang hot this afternoon. Now, at almost 8 p.m., I’m wondering if I should head out before it is too dark out. Lucky for me, the dog likes to go with me, so at least I don’t go out alone.  But I might just be lazy today….

I did eat well today. Breakfast was a couple of fried eggs, alongside leftover buffalo chicken on a bed of greens.


Lunch was grilled hamburgers over spiralized carrots, with a mixed green salad.


I found this chipotle mayo at Hy-Vee and is is the bomb-dot-com. (Did I just age myself with that phrase?)  Seriously, get yourself some of this. I don’t even like mayo normally but this….ooohhh momma! (I only wish it wasn’t so dang expensive!)  I slapped some of that delicousness on top of the burgers and it was aaaahhhhhmmmmaazzinnngg!


Dinner was shrimp and sausage skillet meal over a bed of cauliflower rice. It’s good, a little spicy, and full of veggies. And it made plenty for leftovers, which is always fabulous.


The kids ate frozen pizza. I didn’t take a picture of that.

Of course, now with all that savoriness, I am craving something sweet. I’ll probably see if having a cup of tea helps with that.  And it probably won’t. Tea can’t compete with.. oh, let’s see…a brownie. Or fudge. Or ice cream.  But since all that is not an option, I guess I’ll see what tea does for me.

With day 4 looming tomorrow, and a full weekend of ministry with a funeral tomorrow and worship Sunday, let’s hope I can avoid the “kill-all-the-things” mood….

Until tomorrow, friends…



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