Whole30, Day 2

This is what I spent my day making.


These beauties are definitely not Whole30 approved.

But I had to bake today for an order tomorrow, so bake I did. And it was hard not to gobble these up, “taste-testing.”  Or the 3 other varieties I made. Lucky for me, I have children to be my tasters, though only 2 of the 3 like macarons. I don’t know where I went wrong with that other one…

And, yes, I did taste them too. But —and I am so proud of myself for this— I tasted it and then SPIT IT OUT!  (Lord, forgive me for wasting such deliciousness…)  That kind of self-control should get some applause, right?!?

So, yeah, it was a day full of temptation for myself. I may have caught myself more than once ready to put something into my mouth that was full of sugary goodness, and stopped in the nick of time. Ugh…this baking thing might be rough this month. But we just got back from vacation and someone (not naming names but it was DEFINITELY the husband and not me) spent more than our budget on souvenirs for the children. So baking, and hopefully making some $$, needs to happen this month. My willpower will be put to the test, however.

Other than macaron temptations, I stayed on track and ate well today. My day began with a run, so I had to put a little something in my belly before going out. I ate half of an RX bar, just to have some protein. And some coffee. Always the coffee.  I should have eaten more after my run, but by then, it was already getting close to lunchtime. Because I’m a slacker and can’t get myself out of the house early to run. (I’m working on it…but mornings…ugh….)


Lunch was scrambled eggs with onion, green and yellow peppers, spinach and cajun seasoning. And more coffee. Because I don’t function without it.


Supper was chicken hash. It is delish. Chicken thighs, walnuts, sweet potato, apple, red pepper flakes, and spinach. It is one of my favorite dishes, and I really need to remember to make a double batch so there is leftovers. The hubs and I eat every morsel of it. (The kids ate grilled cheese. Because why waste the good stuff when they’ll just complain about it and not eat it?)  You can find the recipe here.  Mine did not look as beautiful as the one pictured on the Whole30 site…but it still tasted dang good.


Whoo…day 2, done.




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