Preaching Gospel to Myself

It is amazing to me how God works in the smallest of details. How God knits together the unrelated, the seemingly random, and uses it for His glory.  And, even more amazingly, He utilizes us, His creation, to assist.

I am preparing to give a testimony in church on Ash Wednesday.  Now, for anyone who knows me, it will come as no surprise that I am terrified of this. I am already suffering from some anxiety about speaking in public. I have never loved being in front of people, and even less so as I am sharing from my heart. It is so much easier to sit at this computer screen, behind the relative anonymity that it provides, and pour out my heart. But to do so in front of people who I see on a weekly basis is much more frightening.

But here I am, preparing to do that which scares me. Perhaps it is fitting, then, that I plan on speaking about stepping out in faith as part of my testimony. God has laid upon my heart a holy invitation to honor Him.  And so, with trepidation, I will use the voice He has given me to share and bear witness to His work in my life.

If the Gospel rings true in my life, should I not be compelled to offer it to others?

Should I not be willing to share with everyone the way that it has borne fruit in my life?

At the beginning of the year, the Lord pressed on my heart to faithfully step out in the direction He was calling me to, not to stay where I am comfortable.  And I said yes. And in doing so, I have already been provided opportunities to be faithful to that yes. God has woven the desire of His heart and my heart together, and has given me ways to be true to my word.  Writing a daily Lenten prayer for our church. Speaking on Ash Wednesday. Giving a testimony of His redemption of my brokenness in a MOPS meeting in March. All these are things that were not in my mind before I said yes to His invitation.

What is God inviting you to? Where is He seeking to meet you in your faith journey? What has God laid upon your heart, waiting for you to say “Yes” and step out faith?





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